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Country Spain
Region Cataluña (ES51)
Fruits de Ponent Grup Cooperatiu

Fruits de Ponent Grup Cooperatiu is a second-degree cooperative recognized as an Organization of Fruit and Vegetable Producers with the number of OPFH 319.

Country Denmark
Region Hovedstaden (DK01)
inVALUABLE (Insect Value Chain in a Circular Bioeconomy)

inVALUABLE (Insect Value Chain in a Circular Bioeconomy) is the largest innovation project concerning insects as feed and food in Europe to date. The vision is to create a sustainable resource-efficient industry for animal protein production based on mealworms.

Country Italy
Region Piemonte (ITC1)
Porta Palazzo Organic Project

The Porta Palazzo organic project has three main objectives. The first is to reduce food waste through the collection and distribution of unsold foods in the largest open-air market in Europe and, in the process, ensure that those in need can access quality foods in a dignified manner.

Country Spain
Region Comunidad de Madrid (ES30)
Starbucks colabora con Hope Food y weSAVEeat

Starbucks, the world's first coffee roaster and distributor, has launched two pilot projects for managing fresh food surplus from its stores, an initiative that joins the brand's commitment to donate non-perishable surplus from its warehouses to social entities in each change of campaign and letter