The ESPON Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) tool is a web application that offers support to regional governments in achieving the SDGs. A simple, intuitive and user-friendly application informs stakeholders on regional disparities and inequalities and urges regional governments in all the countries participating in the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme to include the SDGs in local development plans and step-up actions.

The target group of this tool is policy-makers, in particular regional policy-makers and national policy-makers that want to gain better insight into the regional disparities and developments related to SDG-related policy areas such as climate action, the labour market and poverty alleviation, etc. A secondary purpose, to support the overall mainstreaming process, is informing citizens, civil society organisations, and possibly pupils and students, so that they may be more engaged with the SDGs.

The SDG tool is simple to use with a clear and apparent structure, but also includes a detailed level of data visualisation. To reach a wide public and support regional governments, use of the tool is self-explanatory and accompanied by clear guidance as well as communication material to ensure widespread adoption.

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