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Country Slovenia
Region Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
Gender Equality Action Plan

The City of Ljubljana is one of a few Slovenian municipalities with an action plan in the field of gender equality.

Country Ireland
Region Eastern and Midland (IE06)
Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership

The Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership (TCGEL) was established in 2017 to deliver the University's strategic objectives to advance gender equality.

Country Bulgaria
Region Severozapaden (BG31)
Waste Free Oceans - "Let's Clean Up the Danube Together" initiative

The initiative "Let's Clean Up the Danube Together" was launched in Vidin, during the Danube Day activities. The action is coordinated by the Waste Free Oceans Foundation and is jointly implemented with the help of Plastix, Bulgaria Cap Project, Henkel and Eco Partners.

Country Iceland
Region Ísland (IS00)
Urriðaholt (Urridaholt) sustainable neighbourhood

In Iceland, land is comparatively cheap and plentiful. This has fueled urban sprawl and low-density residential suburbs where distances become too far to walk, pavements disappear, and bus routes become unviable.

Country Iceland
Region Ísland (IS00)
North Sailing - Sustainable Whale Watching

North Sailing aims to provide the customers with a sustainable, respectful and climate-friendly way to enjoy the northern marine environment. The customers increasingly show desire for sustainable, clean excursions and minimization of the ecological footprint of the holiday.

Country United Kingdom
Region Northumberland and Tyne and Wear (UKC2)

North of Tyne Community Led Local Development (NT CLLD) is a locally managed funding programme that targets selected areas in Newcastle upon Tyne & Wallsend to encourage local groups rooted in their communities to suggest, design and deliver projects that contribute to increased employment, develop

Country Ireland
Region Southern (IE05)
Cork City Development Plan 2015‐2021

Cork City Development Plan 2015‐2021was made by the Members of Cork City Council on the 23rd March 2015 and came into effect on the 20th April 2015.

Country Croatia
Region Jadranska Hrvatska (HR03)
Development strategy of the City of Rijeka 2014 – 2020

In September 2013, the City of Rijeka adopted the Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka until 2020.

Country Romania
Region Centru (RO12)
Integrated Urban Development Strategy of the Brașov Metropolitan Area

The Integrated Urban Development Strategy (SIDU) of the Brașov Growth Pole is elaborated in the context of preparing the packages of projects financable from European funds for the 2014-2020 programming period.

Country Romania
Region Nord-Vest (RO11)
Integrated Urban Development Strategy of Baia Mare

The Integrated Urban Development Strategy of Baia Mare Municipality is a strategic document.It proposes a series of objectives aimed at ensuring economic growth and the well-being of the population, in a way that is sustainable and safe.