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The city of Lahti’s CitiCAP


The city of Lahti’s CitiCAP


The goals of the CitiCAP (citizens’ cap and trade co-created) project are to reduce emissions from transport, collect and make available digital data on mobility, and develop new transport services for citizens. The CitiCAP project will experiment with a personal carbon trading scheme for mobility as part of the Lahti region’s transport policy and build a main cycle route based on smart solutions (Lahti city centre – Apilakatu street).



FI1C - Etelä-Suomi




01 Jan 2018 - 01 Nov 2020


Planet , Prosperity


Expected results:-Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) trial will lead to tested policy level innovation that supports low-carbon mobility. Secondly, it will showcase the PCT scheme’s potential to increase the use of smart mobility services.-CitiCAP will create a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) process with special focus on traffic-spatial planning integration and PCT.-Mobility data will be provided for three main purposes: data for use of urban authorities only, data for PCT scheme use and open access mobility data. As a result of the project, other cities, companies and third parties will be able to use the solutions and the collected mobility data for their own development projects.