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ÉcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne


ÉcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne


The ÉcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne is continuing and expanding its strategy developed as part of the first tranche of the City of Tomorrow program for a sustainable, attractive and high-quality metropolis. The Bordeaux Métropole project aims to redeploy a heart of a multipolar agglomeration, formed around the "arc of sustainable development", on both sides of the Garonne. It is a question of taking into account and supporting the development, in geographic sectors with strong local typology, of projects strongly carrying innovation in terms of urban and social mix, preservation of the old center, presence of nature in city ​​or to fight against urban heat islands, but also of experiments linked to the maintenance or the reconversion of economic or artisanal activities in urban environment, factors of employment, economic dynamism and services adapted to the inhabitants and the new uses. The forms of innovation offered by the EcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne are technological, financial, contractual, social or legal. Bordeaux Métropole is also a Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth (TEPCV) winner.



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