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Gender Equality Action Plan


Gender Equality Action Plan


The City of Ljubljana is one of a few Slovenian municipalities with an action plan in the field of gender equality.The first action plan which was adopted for the period from 2016 to 2018 concluded last year. During that time, based on established good practices (such as high-quality child care and home help service), further steps were taken towards establishing a gender-equal society. The report on the implementation of the first action plan compiled the measures taken and activities performed, especially important are the numerous awareness-raising activities, a booklet was published For Gender Equality, and presented numerous good practices at home and abroad.Based on previous activities a new Gender Equality Action Plan was prepared in the City of Ljubljana for the period from 2019 to 2022. In it priorities and goals were set for ensuring gender equality development in eight areas in the coming four years.



SI03 - Vzhodna Slovenija




01 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2022




A few activities:-Encouraging employees in the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana to use gender sensitive written and spoken language. Gender sensitive language treats both genders equally and respects them, it avoids using the generic male gender, excluding women or introducing stereotypes on gender roles. There are many ways of using gender sensitive language, one of more innovative inclusive ways of writing that expresses the inclusion of all social genders is to use the underscore.-Establishing a group for implementing gender equality in the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana, comprised of representatives of different bodies within the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana.-Organising exhibition projects addressing the Ā»traditional social rolesĀ«.-Recognising and eliminating stereotypical actions: naming of streets, squares and parks in the City of Ljubljana after famous women, erecting monuments of famous women and setting up traffic lights with a female silhouette.