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Halle 2: The secondhand store as the centre of the local circular economy


Halle 2: The secondhand store as the centre of the local circular economy


Munich has taken its ambitious waste reduction strategy to the next level by developing an innovative reuse lab and shop concept. Its Halle 2 municipal secondhand store not only enables citizens to take responsibility for living more sustainably, it also provides opportunities for job creation, educational programmes and voluntary activities.


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Halle 2 has allowed the city of Munich toimplement all the pillars of a successfuland sustainable circular economy. Indeed,it not only became a vital part of the wasteprevention activities of the AWM but alsoallowed Munich to achieve their strategictargets in reducing the amount of waste,promoting the reuse of goods, improvingrecycling rates and strengthening asustainable lifestyle for its citizens.The tremendous success of the projectcan also be measured using the numberof visitors in the shop and the numberof reused items. 3,500 people monthlyhave visited Halle 2 since the beginningof 2017 and the project expects thesefigures to increase to 6,000 people permonth in 2020. In terms of recycledand upcycled products, Halle 2 has soldalmost 15,000 articles per month with anestimated revenue of €50,000 per month.The last figure is particularly relevant anddemonstrates the value of reused goodsand materials and the potential that acircular model can offer to our economy.