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A new circular life in Ghent’s Old Dockyards


A new circular life in Ghent’s Old Dockyards


The Old Dockyards is a waterfront housing project where closing loops at the district level is key. Approximately 1,500 housing units will be constructed through publicprivate partnerships (PPPs). Ghent wants to develop a holistic approach for the area that encompasses the wider concept of circular economy. The project is supervised by the city of Ghent and the autonomous municipal Ghent development authority (sogent).


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Even though the Old Dockyards site is still under construction, it has already become an integral part of the city. During the long process of tendering, sogent has created temporary areas for city gardening and city farming. This has allowed Ghent’s citizens to rethink land that was once perceived as waste or unusable as a profitable resource.A very unusual project is the renovation of a series of disused gravel tanks. A team of young architects and an artist transformed this area into a unique multi-purpose public space that is currently used by Ghent’s citizens for several types of events.