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NIJE SVAKI OTPAD SMEĆE! - Not every waste is garbage!


NIJE SVAKI OTPAD SMEĆE! - Not every waste is garbage!


The project Not every waste is rubbish! educational and informative activities on sustainable waste management for citizens in the area of ​​the City of Ivanić-Grad, the Municipality of Kloštar-Ivanić and the Municipality of Križ. The planned activities lasting 20 months aim to raise the level of awareness of the population about the importance of preventing the generation of waste and its separate collection, reuse of items, and composting of organic waste from the household. A total of 10 educational and informative activities are aimed at the general population and specifically at children of kindergarten and school age, families, youth, as well as foreign tourists, and will be implemented through various communication and media channels - printed materials, radio shows, internet and thematic events.



HR04 - Kontinentalna Hrvatska




01 Oct 2018 - 29 Apr 2020




As a result of the implementation of the planned training and information activities, a noticeable positive change in the level of awareness of citizens in the project area is expected, which will be reflected in an increase in the amount of separately collected waste by 10-15% compared to the pre-project period.