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North Sailing - Sustainable Whale Watching


North Sailing - Sustainable Whale Watching


North Sailing aims to provide the customers with a sustainable, respectful and climate-friendly way to enjoy the northern marine environment. The customers increasingly show desire for sustainable, clean excursions and minimization of the ecological footprint of the holiday. North Sailing aims to meet this demand by innovative means and simultaneously preserving the competitive edge, image and brand-value of North Sailing.North Sailing is aiming to be sustainable in every action taken and the goal is to be completely carbon free by 2020. The objective is that the customers, as well as other tourists who learn about sustainable tourism options, will contribute towards increasing environmental awareness and creating a more sustainable tourism market by requesting carbon neutral tours.


IS00 - ├Źsland




01 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2020


Planet , Prosperity


North Sailing has received several awards since the start of operations, including several awards for innovativeness as well as awards for environmental policy and regional development efforts.