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OP Sachsen-Anhalt ERDF 2014-2020


OP Sachsen-Anhalt ERDF 2014-2020


The ERDF Operational Programme of Sachsen-Anhalt addresses the Europe 2020 strategy objectives, particularly emphasising the goals related to research, development & innovation, SME competitiveness and climate change & energy sustainability. 81% of the total ERDF allocation is foreseen for supporting research & innovation, for reducing CO2 emissions and for enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs. The programme will help to reduce structural deficits which still persist in Sachsen-Anhalt, build on progress and tackle new challenges.


DEE0 - Sachsen-Anhalt




01 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2020


Planet , Prosperity


Expected impacts:-Most funds (30 %) are foreseen for strengthening research and development and for improving applied research in Sachsen-Anhalt, in line with the regional innovation strategy. As a result, the still insufficient R&D expenditure of the SME-dominated economy is expected to increase and the well-developed public research infrastructure can be better used for a knowledge-based economic growth. In this context, 355 R&D projects, 163 cooperation projects between research institutes and enterprises are to be implemented, and it is expected that around € 80 Million private funds from companies will be mobilised for research and innovation projects.-The competitiveness of SMEs in Sachsen-Anhalt will be enhanced in particular by support for increasing productivity, for the market introduction of new, innovative products, and for the development of business related infrastructure. The productive investments are expected to result in 3,775 new jobs in 1,842 supported enterprises.-The shift to a low-carbon economy will be supported through investments increasing the energy efficiency of public buildings and enterprises, and through support for environment friendly, low-emission modes of transport. The support is intended to reduce the level of the greenhouse gas emissions to approximately 32 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2023.-In view of the increasing number of extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change, risk prevention is of high importance in Sachsen-Anhalt. ERDF support for risk prevention focuses on flood protection. 75,000 persons are expected to benefit from the ERDF co-funded flood protection measures.-5% of funds will be used to tackle the environmental problems in urban areas, including conserving and developing cultural heritage. In this context, one of the objectives is to rehabilitate 102 hectares of open space in urban areas.-Finally, 1 % of funds will be used for undertaking investments in the context of community led local development strategies.