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Pådriv, sustainable urban development


Pådriv, sustainable urban development


Pådriv was officially launched in March 2017 and aims to help create a paradigm shift within the current constructs of sustainable urban development in Norway and internationally . Pådriv is characterized by concrete projects and continuous progress. Pådriv uses Hovinbyen as the geographic focus for its projects. Hovinbyen is Oslo’s largest urban development area, which will be vastly transformed in the next 20-30 years. Pådriv is already coordinating and assisting the development of small and large-scale solutions, and aims to do so for many years.



NO01 - Oslo og Akershus




01 Mar 2017




Here are some examples of ongoing Pådriv projects:1.Vollebekk Fabrikker (Vollebekk Factories) was an old factory space that has been converted into a neighbour incubator project. Today it houses 28 green and social entrepreneurs, artists and enthusiasts who have access to production facilities, workshops and offices to facilitate the development of their solutions. The project presents a model for the conversion of old, unused factories or warehouses into a value creation and experimentation space for local communities2.Beta:by (tomorrow’s sustainable city) – Pådriv is taking initiative to develop a ‘Beta City’ in Hovinbyen in Oslo. The Beta City is a geographically defined urban area for the development, testing and demonstration of tomorrow’s sustainable city. It will give high priority to social sustainability and will demonstrate how collaboration across sectors and the exchange of technology and knowledge can lead to better sustainability and social well-being.