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Porta Palazzo Organic Project


Porta Palazzo Organic Project


The Porta Palazzo organic project has three main objectives. The first is to reduce food waste through the collection and distribution of unsold foods in the largest open-air market in Europe and, in the process, ensure that those in need can access quality foods in a dignified manner. Secondly, the project seeks to increase the amount of materials that will be reused or recycled, thereby reducing the amount of incinerated material. Lastly, the project also furthers the city’s social inclusion agenda by providing a meaningful way for volunteer asylum seekers to engage in their community through the collection of unsold foods.



ITC1 - Piemonte




01 Jan 2017


People , Planet , Prosperity


From an initial starting point of approximately 45% of total waste in the market being sorted and recycled properly, the amount of food waste that is properly sorted has reached nearly 77%. At the same time, the organic waste being sorted and recovered has increased significantly from roughly 8% of the total to nearly 33%.