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Pyhätunturi - First carbon neutral resort in Nordic countries


Pyhätunturi - First carbon neutral resort in Nordic countries


Pyhätunturi is the first carbon neutral ski resort in Nordic countries. The objective of the environmentally sustainable development program in Pyhätunturi is to sustain the surrounding nature and ensure future profitable business opportunities.



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Pyhätunturi has indicators with set targets for energy and water consumption. Since 2008, the energy efficiency of slope operations has improved by 6% (reduction in electricity used) and the fuel consumption of slope machines has been reduced by 50%.Pyhätunturi is carbon neutral with regards to its consumption of purchased electricity and heat as well as fuel consumption in slope operations. The carbon emissions from fuel use in slope machines is offset through Gold Standard certified emission reduction project in Turkey and China.Energy efficiency improvements have resulted in cost savings. In addition, new technology has resulted cost-savings due to increased automation for example related to snow cannons. The new snow cannons turn on and off automatically based on optimal snow making weather conditions.