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Country France
Region Aquitaine (FRI1)
ÉcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne

The ÉcoCité Bordeaux Plaine de Garonne is continuing and expanding its strategy developed as part of the first tranche of the City of Tomorrow program for a sustainable, attractive and high-quality metropolis.

Country Portugal
Region Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (PT17)
Hub Criativo do Beato

Hub Criativo do Beato is building a space for open innovation, in the heart of the Beato neighbourhood, where work, leisure and cultural areas intertwine to unveil new urban dynamics, a daily living space shared by the Hub residents - entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, scaleups and large compani

Country Belgium
Region Prov. Liège (BE33)
GRE-Liège 2018-2024 Strategy

GRE-Liège is adapting its mode of operation to meet the new challenges of the development of the economy of the metropolitan area of Liège.

Country Romania
Region Nord-Vest (RO11)
Integrated Urban Development Strategy of Baia Mare

The Integrated Urban Development Strategy of Baia Mare Municipality is a strategic document.It proposes a series of objectives aimed at ensuring economic growth and the well-being of the population, in a way that is sustainable and safe.

Country France
Region Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
Zac Blanche Monier: an eco-district on Ile Verte

Located in the Ile Verte district, near the Isère river and the St Roch cemetery, the ZAC Blanche Monier is an eco-neighborhood project that accommodates 270 dwellings, especially social housing (50%) missing in this sector of the city, while maintaining economic activities.

Country Portugal
Region Centro (PT) (PT16)
European-funded project raised awareness of sustainable mobility

Within the scope of the “Portugal 2020” program, the Municipality carried out a project to raise public awareness of the theme of sustainable mobility.

Country Bulgaria
Region Severozapaden (BG31)
Montana City Development Strategy 2014-2020

Mission of the development startegy-works for the benefit of urban development-identifies deepening problems and priority areas for development-organizes and allocates targeted investments in renovation of territories in unsatisfactory condition and with potential for growth

Country Croatia
Region Jadranska Hrvatska (HR03)
Development strategy of the City of Rijeka 2014 – 2020

In September 2013, the City of Rijeka adopted the Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka until 2020.

Country France
Region Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
La Duchère, the greenest district in France

The Lyon-La Duchère project , northwest of Lyon, is the only territory in France to have obtained Stage 4 of EcoQuartier certification in 2018, proof that its urban planning is exemplary.

Country Spain
Region Andalucía (ES61)
Fuengirola Smart City

Fuengirola is advancing its smart city model with entities from the Smart City Cluster to improve public services provided to citizens.