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Country France
Region Bourgogne (FRC1)
The Rives du Bief, an eco-neighborhood project

This eco-neighborhood project is part of a site undergoing urban renewal.

Country France
Region Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
Regenerating industrial ground to produce fertile ground

Lyon Métropole, which includes 59 municipalities and 1.3 million inhabitants, wants to build a sustainable future for its citizens. The Métropole relies on green investments to face environmental challenges.

Country Slovenia
Region Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
Paper production<br>from invasive plants

Like many cities, Ljubljana is faced with significant overgrowth of Japanese knotweed, a plant on the list of 100 most invasive non-native species worldwide.

Country Austria
Region Tirol (AT33)
Landscape Development Concept - New ways to preserve and develop the natural and cultural landscape

The cultural landscape program consists of interregional cooperation between the municipality of Kals am Großglockner, the municipality of Sexten and Cadore scs. The municipalities and regions are of tourist importance, but have undergone socio-economic changes that have affected the landscape.

Country Bulgaria
Region Severozapaden (BG31)
Montana City Development Strategy 2014-2020

Mission of the development startegy-works for the benefit of urban development-identifies deepening problems and priority areas for development-organizes and allocates targeted investments in renovation of territories in unsatisfactory condition and with potential for growth

Country Bulgaria
Region Yuzhen tsentralen (BG42)
Local Initiative Group Municipality - Maritsa

The main activities of NGO "Local Initiative Group Municipality - Maritsa" are aimed at rural development in the areas of: competitiveness of agriculture, environmental protection, improving the quality of life and diversification of economic activities in rural areas through the development of se

Country Iceland
Region Ísland (IS00)
North Sailing - Sustainable Whale Watching

North Sailing aims to provide the customers with a sustainable, respectful and climate-friendly way to enjoy the northern marine environment. The customers increasingly show desire for sustainable, clean excursions and minimization of the ecological footprint of the holiday.