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Country Switzerland
Region Zürich (CH04)
Representation matters: Visibility is key to improving gender equality

Since the 1990s, more and more women have beenstudying at ETH Zurich, currently accounting foralmost a third of the total number of students. Amongthese, female doctoral students are the fastestgrowing segment. However, the proportion of female

Country Switzerland
Region Zürich (CH04)
Commitment to diversity

The guidelines for appropriate behaviour at the universityare summarised in the Respect Code of Conduct,published in 2018: ETH Zurich has a zero-tolerancepolicy towards discrimination, sexual harassment,bullying, or threats and violence. Further, it aims to

Country Ireland
Region Eastern and Midland (IE06)
Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership

The Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership (TCGEL) was established in 2017 to deliver the University's strategic objectives to advance gender equality.

Country Slovenia
Region Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
Gender Equality Action Plan

The City of Ljubljana is one of a few Slovenian municipalities with an action plan in the field of gender equality.